ELOrlando will host several workshops, which will be announced here. Workshops are included in the cost of registration for the conference.

Designing the Future: Creating Bespoke E-lit for Social Change

Educating patients on health topics. Encouraging action on climate change. Developing body image resilience. This workshop guides participants through the specific considerations of creating e-lit for specific social effects without resorting to the dreaded “edutainment”. Participants will begin with the fundamental questions of designing for persuasion in interactive digital works: audience trends, platform applicabilities, intellectual property considerations, and more. Session based on sample texts No World 4 Tomorrow and Only, Always, Never, designed to influence students regarding climate change and patients regarding antibiotic use.

Workshop Leader: Lyle Skains

Lyle researches and teaches Creative Writing and Digital Media, conducting practice-based research into writing, reading/playing, and publishing digital and transmedia narratives. Her recent digital fiction includes No World 4 Tomorrow for the You & CO2 project, and Only, Always, Never for the Infectious Storytelling project; both works were designed to effect social change. She has previously published articles in Convergence, Digital Creativity, and Computers and Composition; her book Digital Authorship: Publishing in an Attention Economy is now out with Cambridge UP. 

Crafting Stories: Material Approaches to Narrative Design

In this workshop, participants are invited to explore materiality and the interplay between language and visual design through representations of narrative in crafted artifacts. This studio-based workshop will begin with discussions around a selection of design elements and principles that are commonly used in crafting communities to embed meaning in their finished works. We will also discuss how cultural influences play a vital role in how visual language is read and understood.

In the second half of the workshop, craft materials will be provided for participants to explore the outcomes of the discussions by creating visual representations of generated narrative and investigate the unique ways in which different materials and processes can express meaningful narrative.

No crafting experience is necessary, only a willingness to play and explore is required.

Workshop Leader: Anne Sullivan

Anne Sullivan is an Assistant Professor of Digital Media in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA, USA and director of the StoryCraft Lab. Her research focuses on the relationships between narrative, craft, and computation and how these relationships can be used in education and play. Anne has created and exhibited work such as Embroidered Ephemera (twitter-based generated cross-stitch samplers), Blocked Connections (QR-code quilts leading to 90s inspired generated webpages), and Loominary (a Twine game with a table-top loom controller).