Ongoing Events

These events will be running through the entire conference, and offer opportunities for creative play and social engagement. More information and instructions on how to join in will be forthcoming closer to the start of the conference.

Electronic Literature Support Group

After decades of development, works of electronic literature are fed-up with the way they are treated. At once lauded and despised, ignored and overanalyzed, it is time we finally hear from the e-lit works themselves. In this netprov, you are each the personification of a creative work sharing your troubles and asking other works for advice… Join the Netprov on Discord!

Organizer: Hannah Ackermans

Networthy Networking

New to ELO? Attending your first virtual conference? Join the “Newcomers” section on the conference Discord and post an introduction to #newcomer-intros. This space is moderated by a number of ELO regulars here to help you find mentors, collaborators, partnerships, and facilitate idea exchanges.

Organizer: Deena Larsen

Tweet your Shared Adventure

Watch for the opening lines of a narrative place that invites participants of ELOrlando to collaboratively author a choice-based narrative on Twitter that uses twitter polls to facilitate collaborative readership and narrative play. This narrative performance will take place in real time during the conference

Organizer: Sarah Whitcomb Laiola

Quarantine Quatrains

A follow-up to the 2019 Limerick Diet, Quarantine Quatrains is “a Globally Networked Gastropoetics Event.” New poetry generators will be shared for this event that will produce three quatrains for an appetizer, entrĂ©e, and dessert, along with amuse bouche in the form of a couplet, along with a shopping list. Variants will be made available for omnivores, vegetarians, and pescatarians.

Organizers: Scott Rettberg and Talan Memmott

Savage Words

Savage Words is a realtime massive multiplayer online text space as well as a collaborative poem and asynchronous chatroom. It is a corner of the internet built on the platform Your World of Text, an infinite grid of text editable by visitors.

Throughout the conference period, participants can join in a communal writing, a textual table of simultaneous and asynchronous shared writing. ASCII images, freewheeling conversations, ‘Poetry’, and other forms of experimental text will be woven together into a freewheeling shared work.

Screenshots of the unfolding text will be saved at regular intervals, to be published after the conclusion of the conference. Savage Words serves simultaneously as a place of experimentation, documentation, poesis, and communal conversation.

Organizer: Lee Tusman